Tragedies like the ones at Penn State and Virginia Tech need not happen on your campus.

Do you know how to keep your institution safe?



Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity Planning

    • Design effective crisis response and recovery plans consistent with US Department of Education expectations.
    • Facilitate training related to Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management planning.

Risk Management Consulting

    • Risk Assessment Services.
    • Risk Management Planning - Design and Implementation.
    • Facilitate training related to risk management planning.

Strategic Planning

    • Facilitate Strategic Planning design and processes.

Compliance & Accreditation

    • Assistance in ensuring that the institution is in compliance with US Department of Education requirements and expectations.
    • PJA works with the academic institution’s team to ensure that all required accreditation criteria are met. Where changes need to be made, we aid in identifying the problem areas and remedying the issues in an efficient and cost effective manner.



Faculty Development

    • Orientation planning for new faculty, both full-time and adjunct
    • Peer-mentoring programs for new faculty
    • Development of on-line training programs for adjunct faculty
    • Assessment and evaluation of faculty development programs


    • Assistance in meeting requirement of program level assessment
    • Assistance in preparing for substantive change documents

 Institutional Effectiveness

    • Development of measures of Institutional Effectiveness
    • Workshops on Institutional Effectiveness
    • Assistance in utilizing existing data for Institutional Effectiveness

 Assessment of Student Learning

    • PJA works with the academic institution’s team to establish meaningful student learning outcomes that are relevant and measureable.
    • Workshops on development, measurement, and utilization of assessment of student learning outcomes.